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Cloud Storage

Lunavi builds cloud storage solutions around your application requirements and IT architecture for an optimized and reliable cloud environment that allows synchronized storage access across your portfolio.
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Cloud Storage

Lunavi builds cloud storage solutions around your application requirements and IT architecture for an optimized and reliable cloud environment that allows synchronized storage access across your portfolio.
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Storage Solutions for Modern IT Systems

Different types of cloud storage are best suited to different types of applications. For common apps, shared drives, and regular read/write operations, simple file storage often does the trick. For high-performance applications and portability, block storage might work better. For very large storage needs and wide compatibility, object storage could be the answer.

Whatever your application or platform of choice, Lunavi helps guide your way.

Cloud Storage Platforms

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Object Storage

Object storage is a highly scalable, cost-effective cloud storage for large sets of unstructured data including images, video, documents, and other media-rich environments.

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File & Block Storage

Lunavi offers file and block storage with a range of performance levels to optimize your storage budget while supporting specific cloud workloads.

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Azure Cloud Storage

Lunavi can help you choose the right Azure storage subscriptions as well as PaaS databases and backup systems to connect your apps and data in the cloud.

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Cloud Backup & File sharing

Collaboration and backup solutions from Lunavi protect your corporate data while facilitating centralized management and sharing of documents and information.

Object Storage
Object Storage
File & Block Storage
Azure Cloud Storage
Cloud Backup & File sharing

Which Cloud Storage Type is Right for You?

Choose from file, block, or object cloud storage to best fit your organization's online file storage requirements. All cloud storage from Lunavi includes our 100% Service Level Agreement for uptime and availability as well as our 24/7 Hear from a Human customer support.

Object Storage

Object storage is general purpose storage that is cost effective for storing large amounts of unstructured data. Lunavi-hosted object storage solutions are compatible with Amazon S3 and OpenStack, while we can also enable Azure-based object storage for your Azure environment.

If you have a large amount of data or a lot of files—we're talking millions or billions of files adding up to hundreds of terabytes or several petabytes—consider object-based storage for your cloud environment.The scalability of object storage is far beyond that of traditional NAS and SAN storage systems.

Object storage is a scalable, economical choice that is an excellent option for unstructured data like documents, images, and video files. Examples include police officer body camera videos, online video streaming services, Content Delivery Networks, and medical imagery at large healthcare providers. Typical use cases include:

  • Content distribution
  • Media storage
  • Backup, archive, or eDiscovery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Big data

How Does Object Storage Work?

Unlike file or block storage, object storage does not utilize file hierarchies, folder names, or physical disk location to store content. Files are stored as whole objects or object segments on a flat address space, and the information about the file is stored within its metadata. The metadata for these objects is customizable and includes such elements as object name, content type, retention period, originating application, replicas to be maintained, and erasure coding scheme.

The application can then request a file based on its unique identifier rather than using complex file hierarchies inherent in SAN and NAS storage systems. Block storage, a popular option for high-performance applications, requires the application to organize and retrieve files, while object storage is universal.

Benefits of Object Storage

This object based storage solution has no single point of failure and works to reduce the overhead and manual management that is associated with other architectures. gScale has built-in erasure coding to help you better manage your very large amount of data. It also has the ability to be load balanced in order to support cloud bursting and other peak demand events while avoiding hot-spots.

In addition, a 100% availability SLA and 24/7/365 technical support ensure you'll never be without your essential data.

Block and File Storage

Lunavi offers multiple block storage levels for our hosted solutions, as well as NAS file storage to meet your performance needs. Centralized storage management provides high-speed network access to company data from any location, and users can access data from a variety of devices and platforms.

We can also help you configure and manage block storage within your Azure cloud environment.

File storage is a simple solution that is generally used for content repositories, development environments, or home directories.

Block storage is premium storage designed for high-performance applications and is better used for virtual machines and operating systems within your typical application deployment.

Choose the Perfect Block Storage Performance Level

Lunavi designs your cloud storage to meet specific IOPS performance levels. All block storage types are RAID configured and accessed via fiber channel. Block storage is fast no matter what IOPS level you choose, with speeds that are four to eight times faster than a mechanical hard disk.

Standard Block Storage

Standard HDD storage is best suited for VM workloads with light disk activity such as Active Directory or file servers. Available standard or encrypted at 1,000 IOPS.

Performance Block Storage

Performance HDD storage includes SSD caching and is best suited for disk intensive VM workloads, such as application and database servers. Available standard or encrypted in 2,000 or 4,000 IOPS.

Flash Block Storage

All-flash block storage is best suited for VM workloads with extreme disk performance requirements such as databases or data analytics. Available standard or encrypted at 10,000 IOPS.

As we explore the capabilities of object storage, we’ve been pleased with the cost and performance so far. It integrates nicely with our existing VDI and cloud systems and should be able to seamlessly scale as we ramp up our usage.

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