Navigating What's Next™

Partnering for Success

At Lunavi, we partner with industry leaders and technology visionaries to deliver new, innovative solutions that bring true business value and immediate bottom-line benefits to our customers.

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Expand Your Service Offerings and Growth Opportunities

We provide end-to-end technology solutions for customers while creating new revenue opportunities for you. By working in collaboration, we can address customers comprehensive digital transformation challenges with proven technologies that are changing the game in cloud, modern infrastructure, analytics, application delivery, and security.

Today’s markets are continuously being shaped and redefined by a variety of forces, from disruptive technologies to new business models and growing competition. Helping customers get and stay ahead requires more than conventional thinking and off-the-shelf solutions. It requires strong, collaborative partners who can provide the end-to-end capabilities and tailored solutions needed to address critical business and IT goals at every stage of the digital transformation journey.

At Lunavi, we combine an unwavering customer-centric focus with a strong partnership approach to deliver the breadth of capabilities and targeted support customers need to navigate what’s next and continuously grow their business success.

As a a Microsoft Gold Certifications, Azure Expert MSP, and VMWare Cloud Verified partner, we offer deep expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem and enterprise IT software and service.  By working in partnership with you, we’re able to leverage these strengths to compliment your unique solution set to deliver the highly effective solutions customers need to thrive while building profitable and sustainable revenue streams.

At Lunavi, our goal is to empower every partner to deliver effective and innovative solutions, with the right amount of support and features to supplement your business model.

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Combining Human Ingenuity + Technology

Leverage a unique solution partner dedicated to your ongoing success.
  • Committed to helping you excel through assessment, design, integration, sales and support
  • Quality team you can depend on, with deep subject matter expertise
  • Proven best practices in cloud, infrastructure, and modern application delivery to help customers achieve business value faster

People Make the Difference

At Lunavi we work with industry leaders and technology visionaries to deliver new, innovative solutions that bring true business value and immediate impact to our customer’s.

Our team lives by strong core values to do right by the customer and provide an exceptional client experience. We seek to understand your organization and what makes you tick. Only then can we fully realize the business outcomes driven by your applications, data, and technology services.

Facing a changing world and new challenges, you need a fresh way of doing business. Lunavi will bring our passion for innovation, relentless customer care, and robust processes to match our strong technological chops. Together, we'll navigate what's next for your organization.