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Take the next step in your career and work on diverse technology projects with cross-functional teams.
About Lunavi

Navigating What's Next

Lunavi is your guide to the digital age, illuminating the solutions that lead to impactful business outcomes and a technology-enabled competitive advantage.

From cloud solutions and managed services to integrated software implementation and proprietary delivery guidance, we bring a zealous commitment to your long-term success.

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A Partner On Your Path to Digital Transformation

Our clients need a trusted partner to meet them on their unique digital transformation journey.
For some, that may mean relocating servers or migrating to the cloud. For others, it can be data platform analysis and development of new software products. Whatever your path, we're here to reimagine your business to meet whatever tomorrow will bring.

People Make the Difference

At Lunavi we believe in the power of people to illuminate the path forward. You can throw technology at problems all day, but if you don't have the right high performing team-based culture, you'll find yourself in an uphill battle. It is this unique combination of people, process, and technology that sets us apart.

Our team lives by strong core values to do right by the customer and provide an exceptional client experience. We seek to understand your organization and what makes you tick. Only then can we fully realize the business outcomes driven by your applications, data, and technology services.

Facing a changing world and new challenges, you need a fresh way of doing business. Lunavi will bring our passion for innovation, relentless customer care, and robust processes to match our strong technological chops. Together, we'll navigate what's next for your organization.


Why Choose Lunavi?

Lunavi is one of the only digital transformation partners who can take you from data center to DevOps, extending your team and working across the platforms and applications you depend on to stay productive and drive ROI for your organization into the future.

Founded 15 years ago, Lunavi has evolved into a service-oriented, value-driven provider of IT consulting, managed services, and Agile software development. Our mission is to combine human ingenuity and technology to deliver solutions for today, tomorrow, and the future.
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Corporate Accountability

Committed to Responsibility

Lunavi invests in our employees, our communities, and the environment. It's in our corporate DNA to hold ourselves accountable to do business in a better way.
  • Professional development and volunteer opportunities
  • Renewable energy investment and energy-efficient facilities
  • Transparent and ethical business practices

Leadership Team

The Lunavi executive leadership team focuses on delivering on our service commitments, corporate responsibility, technical expertise, and professional growth for our employees.

Lighting the way for Lunavi and our clients to reach the next level of success.
Sam Galeotos
Chairman & CEO
Lunavi's fearless leader has been known to surf waves and smoke brisket, depending on the day.
Shawn Mills
President & Founder
Cortney just doesn't want this to say he likes long walks on the beach.
Cortney Thompson
CIO & Founder
Exceptional experience working with investors and evaluating mergers and acquisitions.
Jason Graf
Chief Financial Officer
Passionate about customer experience, Tracy has over 20 years of experience leading service delivery teams.
Tracy Kubasti
Senior VP of Client & Information Services
Partnering with our clients to create the next generation of technology solutions to drive business outcomes.
Jess Collicott
VP of Delivery and Innovation Services
Leading technical consulting teams for innovative software projects.
Mike Douglas
Senior VP of Digital Transformation Services