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Data Center

Data Center Automation

As data centers continue to evolve and increase in complexity, automation has become vital to conduct business operations with maximum efficiency.
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Data Center Automation

As data centers continue to evolve and increase in complexity, automation has become vital to conduct business operations with maximum efficiency.
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Digital Transformation

Automated Data Center Tasks

Data center automation uses software and hardware tools to create efficient workflow and processes within your data center facility. Manual tasks, typically performed by human operators, can often be automated to handle the bulk of data center management, monitoring, and maintenance tasks.

Lunavi has extensive experience designing and operating data center facilities with staff managing many of them remotely. In addition, our Microsoft experts can implement System Center and Endpoint Manager tools across your environment to facilitate automation of common Microsoft applications.

Benefits of Data Center Automation

Automating your data center operations provides IT employees with more time to concentrate on strategic projects rather than performing routine, time-consuming tasks. For the enterprise, human errors due to boredom, fatigue, or forgetfulness can be eliminated.

Monitoring & Alert-Based Automation

We can help set up monitoring and alert systems in your physical data center to automate security, power, humidity, and temperature-based rules.

  • Trigger facility alarms
  • Lock down specific rooms
  • Record from specific cameras and send video to specified contacts
  • Notify specified contacts of alert condition
  • Increase or decrease temperature in specific data center rooms or floors
  • Power up generators and transfer power from utility to generator circuit
  • Monitor UPS and battery conditions
  • Begin localized pre-action fire-suppression protocol based on detection sensors
  • Allow entry to specific rooms, server racks, and more based on biometric, keycard, or PIN access

Virtual Machine Management

Self-service and reusable automation offerings via Azure Automation, System Center, and Endpoint Manager help clients with on-premise enterprise data center management scenarios. Many automation offerings can be converted to PowerShell easily to be used via additional automation engines.

  • Create Windows Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Create Linux VM (with or without customization)
  • Create VM (parametrized)
  • Create snapshots
  • Update hardware (i.e. memory and CPU on a VM)
  • Restore Snapshot
  • Shutdown VM
  • Start VM
  • Update VMware Tools on a Virtual Machine

Endpoint & Device Management

Lunavi provides agent-based automation tools that offer remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection, as well as hardware and software inventory tracking.

Active Directory Automation

Microsoft SQL Server Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems as a set of processes and services. Lunavi can help you automate routine AD workflows including:

  • Create/Delete Users
  • Reset AD User Password
  • Add User to a Group
  • Add User or Group to File Share
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