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Cloud Automation

Powerful Azure Automation capabilities reduce your costs, optimize your resources, and save time for your administrator staff. Lunavi can help you identify and implement the right cloud automation for your environment.
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Cloud Automation

Powerful Azure Automation capabilities reduce your costs, optimize your resources, and save time for your administrator staff. Lunavi can help you identify and implement the right cloud automation for your environment.
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Digital Transformation

Automate Your Azure Cloud

Azure Automation is a cloud-based platform as a service that allows for consistent management across your environments. Smart implementation with these tools leads to efficient and secure hosted platforms.

Lunavi can help you execute complex automation routines to deploy, configure, and manage end-to-end processes. Automation can integrate Azure services and on-premises systems, implement controls during deployment and operations, and lead to efficiency gains and spending reduction.

Benefits of Cloud Automation

  • Improve efficiency in operations, resulting in OpEx cost reductions
  • Automate creation, deployment, monitoring, and overall management of resources
  • Flexible management across various cloud environments through a single interface
  • Automation of repetitive, time-consuming, error-prone tasks
  • Enhance cloud scaling and predictability by achieving consistency and standardization
  • Single-pane-of-glass to manage and monitor updates on all machines: Windows, Linux, cloud, and even on-premise
  • Streamlined configuration management to handle configuration from a single source
  • Seamless integration with external apps and services


Automate frequent, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks to boost efficiency and lower operational costs. Let us help you focus on the work that adds business value by implementing automation to run on predefined schedules.

Orchestrate processes with an easy to use GUI or opt for PowerShell and Python Runbooks. By using a Runbook hybrid worker machine, you can achieve consistent management by orchestrating across on-premises environments.


PowerShell Desired State Configuration offers rich reporting capabilities to inform owners of important events such as configuration deviations. You can collect inventory, track changes, and configure your desired state.

DSC helps you understand changes in your infrastructure, allows for diagnosis of unwanted changes, and also enables the monitoring of configurations across physical and virtual machines.


A secure global store creates variables that can be changed without having to alter the configurations or Runbooks that reference them. The same can be accomplished with credentials, certificates, and connections to be made available at runtime.

Role-based access control makes it easier to automate your environment by controlling access to accounts without giving authoring permissions.


Azure Automation helps you automate patch compliance and schedule updates, update Windows and Linux systems across hybrid environments. You can create scheduled deployments to orchestrate the installation of updates within a defined maintenance window. If an update should not be installed on a machine, you can exclude those from a deployment.

What Can I Automate?

Automation tools can be applied to many routine Azure processes, ranging from provisioning to monitoring. Learn more about your options for cloud automation below.


Use Azure to build and deploy Virtual Machines across a hybrid environment via Runbooks, as well as Azure Resource Manager templates.


Integrate any VMs or resources into development tools like Jenkins and Visual Studio Team services.


Configure Windows and Linux VMs with the desired configuration for both infrastructure and application.


Identify any changes in machines that can be problematic and then remediate or escalate.


Automate the quarantine process of your VM if a security alert is raised (as determined by configured policies).

We are now able to ensure PCI compliance monthly across all 4,400+ restaurants while managing the solution centrally and maintaining control of the patching process.

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