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Navigating What's Next™

Introducing Lunavi

On September 21, 2020, Green House Data and Deliveron officially became Lunavi. Our new name and brand reflect the unified focus and comprehensive capabilities of our organization today as well as the unique value we deliver as a dedicated end to end managed IT infrastructure and modern application digital transformation partner.

roadway interchange representing lunavi helping you navigate your digital transformation

One Name. One Team. Unwavering Customer Focus.

A new name doesn’t change who we are or how we work as an organization, but it does make clear that we are one company, one team—all working toward a singular goal of creating exceptional solutions and remarkable experiences that help our customers thrive.

Read the full press release announcing our new brand here.

Evolving to Meet Changing Customer Needs

Over the past decade, Green House Data and Deliveron have both evolved significantly, growing their respective teams and capabilities to address the changing business and IT goals of customers across a wide range of industries.

In 2019, our companies came together as a single, unified organization to provide end-to-end support and guidance for customers at every stage of the digital transformation journey, from legacy IT migration and cloud adoption to data analytics, cloud native application development, and application modernization.

Today, we continue our journey forward with a new name and brand that better reflect the full breadth of our capabilities as well as our ongoing commitment to delivering the expert support, targeted solutions, and exceptional service our customers want and deserve.

As Lunavi, we remain nimble and responsive to the changing needs of our customers, combining human ingenuity with technology to reimagine and redefine what’s possible for their business today, tomorrow, and beyond.


A New Name. A New Beginning.

Hear firsthand from our leadership team about the unique journey that has brought Green House Data and Deliveron to this new and exciting chapter in our history.

Discover what has set us apart and fueled our growth and leadership as innovators, problem solvers and trusted advisors to our customers. Discover why our people are our greatest strength. And how together, we are paving the way forward to a future of new opportunities, bold innovation and unprecedented possibility.
light shining through trees representing illumination and problem solving by lunavi
Lighting the Path

What's in a Name?

Our new name comes with a meaningful message about who we are and what we stand for as an organization.

It combines two critical attributes: Lu, meaning light, and navi, meaning navigation.Together, they describe how we are illuminating the path forward to help every customer navigate what’s next.

Human Ingenuity + Technology

Needs change. Markets evolve. And competition never stops. At Lunavi, we know that helping our customers succeed requires bold and continuous innovation. Technology is key, but human ingenuity is just as important.

We put this powerful combination to work every day to help our customers drive growth, strengthen differentiation and optimize ROI. By leveraging these critical strengths, we’re able to meet customers wherever they are in their IT journey and deliver the support and solutions they need to succeed.
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Customer Focus

Experience Above All Else

For our customers and our partners, the Lunavi name and brand are a promise that we will continue to deliver the responsive support and exceptional service they expect from our dedicated team of professionals.

It is our people who care, who invest in our customers’ success, and who are committed to earning their loyalty by creating remarkable experiences that exceed their expectations. Every day.