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Introducing mid-MODular Data Centers

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Citing an overlap between the clean, functional design of a well-organized and planned data center and the intentions of the Bauhaus and International movements, Green House Data CEO Shawn Mills announced the company would be retrofitting all data centers with mid-century modern modular design starting April 1, 2016.

“Just as we acquaint ourselves with applications, and just as we must understand networking, we must become familiar with the psychological and spiritual factors of today,” said Mills, who has begun introducing himself as Shawn Van Der Mills. “No system monitoring is possible otherwise, for we are dependent on the spirit of our time.”

The new mid-MODular data centers feature a stunning complexity in their simplicity, allowing an intersection between functionality, design, and the natural world around them.

Data centers already exhibit many of the aspects of the International movement that drove mid-century modern design, including rectilinear forms, a lack of ornamentation or decoration, and open interior spaces. In that sense, not much has changed.

We’ve started tossing egg chairs everywhere, though, and there’s definitely some extra wood paneling.

April Fools!

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