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Lunavi Proves Commitment to Channel Partners, Customers with CRN Elite 150

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I’ve worked with channel organizations of all stripes through the years. When I introduce a new partner or a referral to Lunavi, I’m always excited by the opportunity to collaborate; to not simply prescribe a product or set of services but to work alongside the partner and the end customer to discover the right mix of people, process, and technology for their unique situation. This high-touch approach results in solutions that focus on solving business challenges, not just technology challenges.

With the rapid evolution of almost every IT leadership role, it has never been more important for agents and consultants to serve as a trusted advisor. Helping your customers and prospects develop a strategic approach to digital transformation is paramount to success, and provides tremendous value for your customer.

Your service provider partners must be ready to meet the challenge. At Lunavi, our efforts to stay on the leading edge of technology and innovation, combined with our unique ability to meet clients anywhere along their digital journey, have led to industry recognition and an extensive managed services and consulting portfolio.

We’re honored to announce our most recent recognition: CRN has placed Lunavi on the annual MSP 500 list. While we’ve made the cut almost every year since 2014, this time around we hit the Elite 150! CRN tries to find those service providers who have a forward-looking approach. To make the Elite list, an extensive service portfolio is required.

Lunavi hits the mark on both counts, making us an ideal partner for agents and technology consultants working with diverse clients who are at various stages of digital transformation, as well as those who may not have the in-house expertise or time to learn the ins and outs of complex platforms like Azure. You might have legacy customers looking for a colo facility; you might have clients who are taking their first steps into cloud computing; you might run into multifaceted hybrid environments at large enterprises with numerous layers to consider. We can help at any stage of these journeys.

We can help you stay on top of the latest developments in the cloud or information security, while simultaneously guiding your clients through changes to their processes and operations. We’ll actually build delivery teams that fit right alongside your client staff, teaching them how to implement new Agile processes and build successful cloud services and DevOps teams of their own for future success.

While industry recognition such as the MSP 500 is validating, the most rewarding part of my work in the channel is hearing from partners and their clients about the success they have with these types of engagements. Providing an IT service or platform that works well is satisfying, but making long-lasting positive changes to the way a company operates pays dividends for many, many years.

If you are evaluating new vendors and partners in the channel, I’d love the chance to introduce Lunavi and our approach to managed services and partnership. Feel free to drop me a line any time.

And cheers to the strong company we keep on the CRN Elite 150!

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