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"Speaking" Oracle While Using a VMware Service Provider

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There's a funny expression that we've noticed over the years. When someone wants to know if you are proficient in a given environment, they might ask, for instance, "Do you code in C-sharp?" (for C#). Or they might ask if a person can "handle" PHP or simply "write" in Ruby or some other language.

With Oracle products, especially database-intensive products, we sometimes hear, "Do you speak Oracle?" That is, it gets treated more like French or Flemish, a whole language with idioms, customs and the rest.

All of this comes to mind because we know that many people who "speak" Oracle right now are looking around, wondering if they can switch to a cloud environment or a VMware service provider using a cloud environment.

The answer is yes, you can.

The next question may be this: Can we host on a VMware platform and try to help the environment a little? The answer there again is yes. Our data center is more efficient than a typical data center, and is powered 100 percent by renewable wind energy.

So that means that if you speak Oracle AND want to speak to the earth as well by not using fossil fuels to run your data center, you should definitely "speak" to us by using our contact page.

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