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2015 in the Data Center World: Blog Wrap Up

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2015 Data Center blog wrap up

What grabbed your attention the most in 2015? Our most popular posts from the year are below, along with a wrap up of the industry's biggest headlines.

This year didn't bring massive upheaval in the data center realm, but there was a fair share of news that caused ripples or at least garnered a lot of clicks and retweets. In the industry at large, big news included the Dell-EMC merger, telcos selling off data centers, and the Uptime Institute killing off tiers.

On our humble blog, our most popular posts covered Ubuntu VM optimization, CloudStack vs. vCloud, disaster recovery, and more. Read on for a full list of 2015's biggest data center stories.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015

1) Set Up and Optimize Ubuntu and Other Linux VMware Guests

This practical post has some general tips for installing Ubuntu or other Linux distributions as the operating system on top of a VMware virtual machine. 

2) CloudStack vs. vCloud—Which is Right for Your Organization?

Two of the most popular hypervisor platforms are CloudStack and vCloud, both of which can enable virtualization to cloudify (yes, I just made that up) your data center. This blog compares features, costs, and what is included.

3) Disaster Recovery: When the Cloud Beats Physical Backups

This guest post from Service Coordinator Alexa Medhus describes real experiences from companies who weren't prepared to deal with IT disaster, and describes how the cloud can help.

4) Bloomberg & Now Green House Data: Why is Orangeburg a New Data Center Cluster?

Visitors were curious about why Green House Data opened in Orangeburg, NY, a town about 20 miles outside of downtown New York City. Turns out, it's a pretty attractive site for a data center for a number of reasons.

5) Four Reasons Recent Reports Forecast Major Growth for the Green Data Center Market

Two separate reports came out this fall that claimed the green data center market will continue to grow at a rapid clip. Of course we were happy to hear that, but this post looks at some of the reasons why this area of the data center industry continues to expand.

Biggest Headlines of 2015

1) Dell announces plans to acquire EMC

A $67 billion merger of two industry giants is bound to turn more than a few heads. While the deal won't be completed until 2016, all signs indicate a new behemoth of the industry will be created when Dell, a major supplier of hardware and services to enterprises and data center providers, and EMC, a significant player in storage, virtualization, and more, combine. Read more.

2) Telecommunications companies sell off their data center assets

While many of them are staying in the hosting or managed service game, telcos like CenturyLink, Verizon, and Windstream decided to sell off their data centers in 2015. This news was a surprise mostly because many of them bought into the market with major acquisitions only a few years ago, making big marketing pushes around cloud and colocation. It's not the entire sector, though: Level 3 recently announced it planned to hold firm with its own data centers. Read more.

3) Uptime Institute backs away from Tier rankings

The Uptime Institute, one of the largest industry organizations focused on education, consulting, and certifications, announced in July that it would no longer issue Tier certifications for data center facilities. It previously ranked data centers from Tier I through Tier IV based on redundancy and uptime. The organization cited problems with companies abusing the system, using certified design documents as proof without auditing the facility itself. Read more.

4) Server sales continue to increase

Wait, isn't everyone moving to the cloud? They are, which is partly why Gartner reported server sales growth throughout 2015, with the third quarter seeing a 9.5% increase in shipments over 2014. Providers are growing fast, especially at the megascale practiced by Google, et al, so it is likely that a solid portion of these shipments are fueled by providers rather than in-house facilities. Read more.


What did we miss? What will 2016 bring? Sound off @greenhousedata on Twitter and let us know how we're doing on the blog while you're at it. Have a safe and happy New Years celebration.

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