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Cloud Hosting Supports Operational Continuity

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Both halves of your two-person “IT department” are fidgeting nervously.

A holiday is right around the corner — Christmas, Memorial Day, whatever — which calls for a coin toss to determine who’s on call to tend the servers.

It’s a secret ceremony kind of thing, usually involving a mano-a-mano recitation of choice lines from The Matrix.

Agent Smith: “You're empty.” Neo: “So are you.”

Agent Brown: “What were you doing?” Agent Jones: “He doesn't know.”

After about a minute of this, the high-stakes toss takes place. The loser is NEVER happy.

Yeah. You didn’t know they did this, did you?

It’s time for an intervention. (You’ll want to practice your Morpheus voice first.) Tell them you had to choose between the red pill and the blue pill — and you picked the red pill.

Don’t worry. They’ll understand.

The red pill means the scales are off your eyes. You know the words “coin toss” have no place in ensuring vital operational continuity.

The Matrix is a movie. “The cloud” is real, and cloud hosting gives you the dependable performance, security, and connectivity that even Neo would have envied.

Our data center is SSAE 16 Type II Compliant, with stringent internal controls over our infrastructure and cloud services to meet even the highest regulatory standards.

Plus, Green House Data really is green — as in, highly focused on sustainability. We’re 100-percent powered by renewable wind energy. There’s more. Get details on our Green House Gives Program.

Continuity is imperative for every successful operation, right? So, toss the coins — and the blue pills — and contact us today.

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