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Green Data Center Roundup: Top Stories from August 2014

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Innovating the data center industry means we have to pay attention to all the great things other companies are doing to improve operations and increase energy efficiency. There are lot of organizations pursuing greener IT, and this semi-monthly roundup of green data center stories will keep you in the loop with the latest.

This month we have a look inside Apple's solar farms, ways to improve data center cooling, how to tame your inefficient "accidental" data center in the back room of company HQ, and more. Here are the top 4 green data center stories from August:

1) The Ten Most Common Cooling Mistakes Data Center Operators Make

This article from Data Center Knowledge looks at the ways data centers are losing their cooling efficiency. One note we found interesting, as we lack raised floors, is that the first three common cooling mistakes listed involve raised floors! The article also lists poor sealing, bad sensors, humidity issues and more.

2) 5 Purposeful Ways to Tame 'Accidental' Data Centers

This report from GreenBiz puts the spotlight on the messy data center that has sprouted, fungus-like in the back of your office. You need it for business functions, but the cable nests and unmanaged servers could be costing between "30 percent and 50 percent of all the electricity being used in small and midsize offices". We like the last tip on this list: consider moving to the cloud.

3) Looking for a new green spot for a data center? Check out this desalination plant

This fascinating development in California could pair a desalination plant, which removes salt from ocean water so it can be consumed, with a data center. The water used in the desalination plant is very cold because it comes from deep underwater in order to not disturb marine life. The data center would use this cold water for cooling before passing it on for reverse osmosis at the plant.

4) Inside the Huge Solar Farm That Powers Apple's iCloud

Apple has long been secretive about their data center technology, but they've recently opened up to promote their renewable energy sources and sustainability efforts. This report takes a look at the massive solar farm they constructed to power a major data center.


We'll see you at our next roundup! Don't forget to check out Green House Data's content on renewable energy and data center efficiency, too. Our latest is Three Ways Data Centers Can Build the Future of Electricity and Smart Grids.

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