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Buildertrend provides the leading residential construction management software platform for home builders and remodelers, with real-time 24/7 access to construction scheduling, change orders, documents, photos, warranty management, and more.

The company needed to extend their SaaS platform to implement a purchasing program that would bring construction company users and suppliers together. Because this application would exist outside of the core platform, it was also an excellent opportunity to build a new Agile development team – but time was of the essence in order to quickly reach the market, begin iterating, and start to drive new revenue. Buildertrend selected Lunavi as a consulting partner to help build and deliver this new service.

Lunavi engaged with the Materials House division within Buildertrend, which works primarily with suppliers and manufacturers to connect them with contractors. One builder alone can get a decent deal, but together, Buildertrend customers are able to achieve combined buying power for additional savings.

For suppliers, Buildertrend provides a massive userbase and allows them to present their products and rebates to customers. The platform therefore creates value on both sides by facilitating connections, purchases, and planning throughout the construction process.  


Buildertrend required a high-performing, cross-functional Delivery Team that would work alongside internal team members to rapidly deliver new features and reliably forecast a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and future release dates. This initial application could then be iterated upon with real-world feedback from vendors and partners as well as end users.

Lunavi created a Delivery Team inclusive of project management, developers, and BA/QA, all working together witha Buildertrend development team. This group worked closely with Buildertrend leadership and project stakeholders to not only provide development and testing, but also to understand the value proposition and focus on those goals throughout development.

“Lunavi has been an outstanding partner for Buildertrend. We can’t say enough good things about our experience with them,” said Tara Stava, VP of Software Development at Buildertrend. “Their ability to understand project needs and keep progress and communication at an all-time high is unmatched.”

The Delivery Team integrated with Buildertrend developers to break down the product into user stories and features, plan out the critical chain, build the product, and coach Agile and Scrum practices throughout.


Throughout the project, Lunavi helped Buildertrend implement superior project management and development methodology focusing on Agile principles and the Scrum framework. This Delivery Team integration resulted in Buildertrend team members being able to create value faster, quickly iterate, and deliver higher quality software.

Buildertrend was able to progress from idea to MVP within just seven months, realizing new revenue streams and mutually beneficial relationships between contractors, suppliers, and the company. Additionally, suppliers can market to new builders using the rebates platform, while contractors enjoy vastly improved efficiency in rebate processing due to optical character recognition, automation, and integration with the core Buildertrend platform.

“[Lunavi] genuinely want[s] to see the project and the team succeed long past the scope of work,” said Stava. “Win together is one of our core values and Lunavi embodies this with their willingness to mentor and share their processes with us.”

By enabling Buildertrend through Agile practices, strong communication, and by modeling disciplined reporting on delivery health, timeline forecasting, and potential risks, the Materials House is better prepared to take on future development of the application after the initial releases.

“Buildertrend’s engagement with Lunavi has been productive and informative,” said Brian Cary, Senior Applications Development Manager at Buildertrend. “Along the way, they integrated very well with our full-time team members, and coached our team on tried-and-true best practices. The Delivery Management techniques kept stakeholders informed and the delivery team feeling confident that they were focused on the highest value tasks. Overall, Lunavi accomplished Buildertrend’s original goal and then some, and helped level up our team in the process.”

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