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Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
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Cheyenne Regional Medical Center sought to modernize and consolidate IT systems under a single healthcare application platform. After choosing Epic Systems, the IT team discovered their on-premise data center lacked the necessary power, space, and cooling. For HIPAA compliance and guaranteed uptime, they chose Lunavi to colocate their Epic Systems platform.

A top-rated hospital in Wyoming, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC) employs over 2,000 doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and other workers, plus manages over 400 volunteers to staff 222 licensed hospital beds. In order to deliver on the mission of nurturing and improving the health of individuals and the quality of life for the community, CRMC depends on 24/7 availability of IT infrastructure.


An on-premise data center served the needs of the large staff and volunteers for years, but with the move towards more digitization and required IT security protocols as mandated by HIPAA, Cheyenne Regional decided to modernize and consolidate IT systems under a single healthcare application platform.

The hospital decided to implement the Epic Systems healthcare environment, but they found their onsite data center lacked the space, power, and cooling capacity to house necessary new equipment as well as their legacy applications. Preferring to keep ownership of their servers and supporting infrastructure, CRMC looked for a data center that could provide a redundant, HIPAA-compliant home for their racks.

“As Cheyenne Regional Medical Center expanded and improved on our healthcare delivery initiatives, we moved Epic to the Lunavi environment,” said Jody Siltzer, Director of Information Technology at Cheyenne Regional. “We wanted to be able to ensure constant uptime for both patients and our healthcare staff, and deliver on our promise of excellent care throughout the region.”

Along with a private pod colocation deployment—with the additional energy saving benefits of a highly efficient data center—CRMC added an audit-capable door lock system that tracks access to each pod by individual, time, date, and duration, in order to bolster security and HIPAA auditability.


With help from remote hands and consultation assistance from Lunavi, CRMC had a smooth roll out for their Epic environment, migrating and using the new systems with little impact to daily operations — essential in a fast moving healthcare environment.

“We had our production servers delivered directly to the colocation data center and, thanks to the team at Lunavi, we were able to keep our project on time and on budget,” said Siltzer.

Colocation enabled CRMC to keep their Epic Systems project on target while adding additional redundancy, power capabilities, and disaster recovery. The hospital is able to fully failover in a disaster event, keeping IT systems online and avoiding a lapse in health service delivery.

The hospital remains at the top of the area’s hospital rankings, rated one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery, in the top 10% in the nation for cardiology, and the #1 in Wyoming for overall hospital, medical care, and surgical care.  CRMC has also been named one of Health Care’s Most Wired Hospitals for the past three consecutive years.  

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