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Faster Innovation through Business Agility

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The Challenge

A claims processing organization who provides several key outsourced business functions to their customers found themselves supporting many legacy applications that needed to be modernized. Their customers were becoming frustrated with their inability to quickly implement new capabilities within their applications. The challenge this organization faced was that most of the technology teams worked in silos and have very manual processes for getting software developed, tested, and deployed to customers.


We helped this organization with their DevOps journey providing a jumpstart through our DevOps Enablement Strategy. This strategy begins with an in-depth assessment to help identify where each team is starting from and then delivering personalized recommendations for the next set of capabilities the team should focus on. DevOps Enablement also identifies those key capabilities that are common across all teams and need to be addressed in order to successfully start the process.


The formation of stable teams and regular incorporation of the DevOps recommendation stories into their Sprints allowed each team to grow their DevOps capabilities. Team growth was measured throughout the organization to see the progress that was being made to achieve the goals of being able to deliver the right software to customers, quickly and with quality.

Three of the stable teams now have the ability to create modern applications with automated testing, builds, and deployments of their applications. These teams improved the software delivery process so much that they went from quarterly deployments to having the ability to deploy updates to customers on a daily basis.

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