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Integration Drives New Revenue Streams

Company Size
The Challenge

A risk management and insurance services firm was looking for ways to increase revenue by streamlining the way customers request their products. They knew that in order to increase the accessibility and efficiency for accessing their services, they would need to integrate with the organizations that are selling their products.

Most of the application process was done on paper so the turnaround time was very slow. They also did not have a technology infrastructure to support direct B2B integrations and had a short window of opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity with their partner companies.


We worked with this company and the partner organization, who provides builder management software to their customers, to create an integration solution in the cloud. We leveraged the Azure platform to create a set of API’s that establish integration points for the builder management software to interface. These API’s then communicate with the insurance services company’s portfolio of applications and databases. All of this information is then relayed to the insurance carriers to complete the application process and provide updates back to the builders requesting the insurance products. Communication is secured with certificates and Azure Active directory as well as being tracked in a monitoring application for visibility across all transactions.


The risk management and insurance services firm was not able to automate the builder’s risk process but it created an entirely new revenue stream. Leveraging the Azure platform, we were able to take this new idea and deliver a working solution in production in less than four months.

This solution provided a new offering for the builder management software company and benefited the builder by making it easy to apply for the insurance at a much lower cost and have the coverage immediately available due to the integration. This solution is now opening up other opportunities for integration with other companies in a similar way and expanding the reach that the insurances services firm will have.

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