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KB Energy

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The Challenge

Precise data collection is the lifeblood of KB Energy’s business model, so the company was thoughtful and thorough when choosing managed IT services. To ensure connectivity between sites and support field personnel, KB Energy selected Lunavi.

When you are 270 feet up on a tower installing sensitive equipment, high above the ground with the wind whipping around you, the last thing on your mind is the home office.

Peace of Mind Consistency

As one of the leading providers of wind energy assessments in the Western United States, KB Energy manufactures, installs, and monitors meteorological (MET) Towers and equipment to capture data and determine if a site is a suitable location for a wind farm.

The up to 80-meter tall MET towers have data loggers that measure wind speed, direction, temperature, barometric pressure, and other important data that inform the wind developers of the potential of their projects. This information is then sent daily over email to associated parties.

KB Energy’s portfolio of active projects includes 140 towers annually and growing.

Outsourced IT equals time savings and efficiencies

KB Energy relies on Lunavi to provide dependable daily support and a virtual IT department so technicians and executives alike can focus on keeping operators safe and protecting the integrity of the data being collected without having to pay additional salaries.

“Lunavi takes care of the day-to-day support tasks so I can focus on bigger issues,” said Rob Lowrance, KB Energy’s Chief Technical Officer. “They really care about my business.”

Lunavi operates the company’s helpdesk, purchases and installs hardware and other equipment, and provides enterprise-wide solutions to help KB Energy meet its business goals. These services provide Lowrance  extensive time savings.

Lunavi recently helped the company transition off of an old Exchange server at the main office to a faster cloud-based solution. The result has been tremendous.

“A slow internet connection is not ideal, especially for our folks working in the field,” said Lowrance. “It made a lot of sense to have our server not based on the physical server. Lunavi helped us transfer our productivity applications to the cloud and the service has been great.”

Help When It’s Most Needed

During any given hour, KB Energy has most of their office in the field, often in remote areas. They need to be able to send and receive data and not have to think about it. Lunavis Hear From a Human℠ support service guarantees a quick response time at any time on any day. Every customer receives a 15-minute Response Time SLA free of charge. Other cloud providers and managed service providers charge hundreds or thousands per month for a comparable response time.

“The Lunavi techs are very knowledgeable and professional,” said Lowrance. “Solutions come through pretty quickly, especially if it’s an emergency. They are always prepared for the job.”  

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