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Modernization Supports $2 Billion in Revenue
Energy & Trading
Company Size
The Challenge

A global energy trading company was looking to modernize their legacy natural gas scheduling system to align with new business processes, expand the usage to multiple locations, and add additional EDI trading partners. The challenge they faced was a lack of knowledge around building an EDI application without using a VAN and limitations on team capacity to develop a new scheduling system. This delay in modernizing the system was putting the business at risk due to supporting an out of date technology and was limiting the volume of trades that could be made at each location due to the manual processes they had to support.


We worked with this company to build a new Windows Forms based application that provided the gas schedulers the ability to quickly schedule gas quantities with a dynamic set of trading partners. This multi-tenant application was built using a service-based architecture built on .NET that provided both high availability and sub-second response times under load to meet critical scheduling deadlines each day. The EDI application was built using .NET technology that interfaced with a Sybase database platform and was easily expanded to other trading partners.


Schedulers can drive greater efficiency by being able to work with multiple trading partners all within the same application. The real-time integration and fast response times allow for greater throughput of scheduling gas to support $2 billion dollars of revenue each year.

The modern application platform supports new business processes and provides enhanced security and high availability requirements. This new application supports multiple scheduling locations to allow the company to grow the overall volume of gas transportation.

The integration with the trading platform and the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) allows for seamless integration with most line-of-business applications and reduces data isolation.

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