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Ness & Campbell Crane
Company Size
The Challenge
Failed Servers Lead to Cloud Solution

With eight offices spread across the Pacific Northwest and a widely distributed workforce, Ness & Campbell Crane relies on their technology infrastructure to communicate with customers and employees and run day to day operations like sales and accounting.

When their main server crashed, Ness & Campbell Crane were without access to email, customer information, and critical business applications including their accounting, dispatch, billing, payroll, and file servers.

Faced with the capital investment to replace the failed server, plus other IT equipment that was nearing end of life, Ness & Campbell Crane took a look at the aging infrastructure and the numbers were daunting.


Lunavi worked with Nathanael Olsson, Controller at Ness & Campbell Crane, to come up with a comprehensive backup solution. Olsson was unwilling to experience another outage and not keen on a large capital expenditure. As he began to explore options it became clear that the cloud was the answer. Of the companies he spoke to, Green House Data had the personality and commitment to the customer that Nathanael was looking for. Not only was Green House Data a stable company with a long history, but their secure data centers and redundant network made it clear Ness & Campbell Crane could stop worrying about server outages.

With Lunavi services in place, Ness & Campbell Crane was back online and running with cloud servers, Hosted Microsoft Exchange email, and secure cloud backups. As a result, their data is not only available again but is now protected, monitored, and easily recoverable in the event of a disaster.

File servers and accounting and operations applications are now running on virtual machines in the Lunavi cloud, with geographically diverse backups in alternate data center locations.

CapEx Savings & Reliability

Ness & Campbell Crane was able to avoid a $30,000 investment to purchase new server hardware and software, plus the IT resources and the time to implement them. Instead, the company can depend on predictable, recurring monthly costs.

By moving to the cloud, Ness & Campbell Crane was also able to consolidate and eliminate overcomplicated infrastructure. The Lunavi cloud transformed disjointed systems into a simple, reliable, and secure architecture.

Along with reliability and cost savings, Ness & Campbell’s cloud systems have delivered greater performance, with networking and applications running faster and smoother. A standard monthly accounting report that used to take their team ten to fifteen minutes now takes thirteen to fifteen seconds.

An unintended benefit is the giant step in business continuity planning and disaster. In the event one of their locations goes offline, employees at remote locations and other offices still have access to the applications and tools they need.

Cloud backup also helps eliminate employee downtime, and its associated lost revenue and productivity, due to network or power outages. Employees are able to work from any location and reach a private, reliable
cloud network.

In addition, Ness & Campbell receives complimentary personalized service, including live support and monitoring, to quickly answer questions and resolve new issues as they occur.

Ness & Campbell Crane keeps the Pacific Northwest moving skyward, thanks to reliable cloud IT infrastructure from Lunavi.

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