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Nymbl is a Print on Demand eCommerce platform provider, deploying responsive internet storefronts for vendors, creating automated apparel mockups, and even handling product printing and order fulfillment. As a growing SaaS and customer-service driven organization, Nymbl needed a scalable cloud platform with repeatable, easily configured, and highly secure servers. To help them migrate their infrastructure and manage that cloud environment, they chose managed Microsoft Azure from Green House Data.

“Our goal is to make eCommerce as simple as possible for our clients. They provide the design and focus on promotion and marketing. We handle everything else, from payment processing to product mockups to production and shipping,” said Zac Folk, Founder and CEO of Nymbl. “The IT backbone of our platform is essential to our success. If we have to reinvent the wheel every time we’re setting up a new customer webstore, we aren’t reaching our goal of a seamless experience.”

Nymbl was confident in their platform and attached services, but as they gained customers, they struggled to scale. It was time to find a managed IT infrastructure partner to help architect a flexible cloud infrastructure built for eCommerce.


Lunavi was selected by Nymbl to help migrate their backend infrastructure to the cloud and architect a scalable, multi-tenant eCommerce web platform for future growth.

“Our servers were starting to show signs of stress, with loading times and order processing taking much longer than usual,” said Folk. “We were starting to gain some traction in the market and needed to be able to quickly light up new storefronts while also providing a high-performance environment so end-customers of our clients would not be turned away while waiting for a page to stop spinning.”

The solution uses Azure PaaS and IaaS components including Azure Web Apps, SQL databases, Azure Traffic Manager, and a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and Resiliency features were also added for critical business continuity and availability concerns.

Azure replicable eCommerce architecture also includes multi-factor authentication and secure third-party payment systems to maintain PCI-DSS compliance and protect transactional information. A combination of Queue Storage and Blob Storage is leveraged for long-term storage of commonly used assets and rapid processing of incoming requests, as Queue enables bursting and buffering of messages under heavy application loads.

“The new Azure architecture that Lunavi set up for us and continues to manage, has led to major efficiency gains,” said Folk. “Our application infrastructure runs in its own Web App, and both it and customer Web Apps can tie back into our storage, CDNs, and databases. It makes it really easy to onboard new storefronts, pull product references from storage for the app to make our automated product mockups, you name it.”


Let's Talk Infrastructure


As new Azure users, the Nymbl team also appreciated the hands-on support method in practice at Lunavi.

“We could have spent the time to dig up YouTube videos and Microsoft resources to figure out how to architect this cloud platform, but instead we have Lunavi to help us design, deploy, and test,” said Folk. “Every time I talk to one of our cloud team members at Lunavi, I feel like I learn something new about Azure.”

With a 15-minute Hear from a Human response time to every support inquiry alongside dedicated account managers, technical points of contact, and 24/7/365 service, Lunavi offered a support and service experience that couldn’t be matched at Nymbl’s average Azure spend.

“We haven’t hit the scale where we’d get a dedicated account manager or technical resources from Microsoft,” said Folk. “It’s great to know that we have a responsive, knowledgeable technical resource available to keep Nymbl running smoothly for our users.”

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