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Tinuum Group
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A mutual commitment to sustainability

Tinuum Group specializes in using new technologies that result in reducing emissions at power plants to improve air quality. With Tinuum’s exclusive technologies, coal-burning power plants lower mercury and nitrogen oxide emissions by greater than 40% and 20%, respectively.  

When they sought out a VMware service provider, they choose Lunavi for its high ratings on support and customer service and its commitment to highly energy efficient practices.

Lunavi offers cloud hosting, colocation, hybrid IT and managed services from nine geographically diverse data centers. Powered by 100% renewable energy, the company also invests in efficiency. For example, hot aisle containment and custom, indirect evaporative cooling designs mean dramatically decreased energy use.

Utilizing the extensive capabilities of the VMware product families, Tinuum is able to do more with less, with improved agility and responsiveness to its business needs.

“Lunavi’s ability to provide great solution for solid cloud network infrastructure and redundancy played and plays a very important part in our decision making to use and continue to utilize their services,” said Marek Chromik, Tinuum’s IT and SharePoint Administrator.

Customized services for the most complex needs

Tinuum has a complicated network infrastructure due to some unusual requirements and the fact that they have 20 satellite offices throughout the country in remote areas, of which about dozen are requiring hotspot internet connections. Despite these concerns, Tinuum’s remote sites are able to access the network data in the cloud very seamlessly and with minimal latency, thanks to Lunavi's VMware Cloud Hosting.

The Lunavi support team has also been very helpful in evaluating the most optimal network configuration, taking into consideration its software and resource needs.

“The Lunavi team has been able to continuously help us adjust our growing and changing network needs,” said Chromik.

Cost-saving solutions

Last year, Lunavi helped Tinuum revise their contracts and create some incremental savings. This cost savings allowed them to add additional services, such as adding an off-site backup solution in case of a disaster.  

Chromik has been especially pleased with the high-level of customer support.

“The best part of working with Lunavi has been the approachability and fast response. The support team is very knowledgeable and experienced. Their trouble tickets response time is really good and their ticketing system works very nicely. I can always count on their help.”

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