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Environmental Services
Company Size
The Challenge

Trihydro began as a two-person engineering and environmental consulting firm in 1984 in Laramie, Wyoming. The firm now employs over 500 people across 22 offices nationwide and serves a diverse clientele of public entities, as well as commercial and industrial companies in markets ranging from agribusiness to petroleum. In addition to providing engineering and environmental services, Trihydro also assists corporate clients with enhancing sustainable business practices and environmental footprint reduction.

High Speed on the High Plains

With offices and field sites across the country, keeping data flowing and systems up is no small order. From their Laramie headquarters in the heart of the high plains, Trihydro manages a VMware-virtualized environment, communications infrastructure, and productivity applications. Trihydro uses Lunavi's Cheyenne location on a fiber junction to ensure satellite offices are never faced with downtime.

“Services and infrastructure are only as good as their connectivity,” said Tony English, IT Infrastructure Manager, Trihydro. “Even though we do work all over the world, we still need to be centrally linked, and we must deliver the right data at the right time to both our employees and our clients.”

Data and Systems Reliably Backed Up

With company growth, Trihydro has shifted to a higher ratio of employees based in branch and field offices outside the corporate headquarters building.

Furthermore, as business has increased, so has the rate of data collection and the sophistication of data analysis. From integrated web-based mapping systems to numerical groundwater modeling, Trihydro staff deal with complex and critical data daily. To accommodate, the company has incorporated an information technology team with expertise in complex project databases and application development.

“We’ve seen the statistics about what can happen to businesses if they go down,” said Casey Mullins, Systems Administrator, Trihydro. “So at Trihydro, we maintain multiple storage array networks and database availability groups built into redundant architecture to keep connectivity high and ensure Laramie is never a single point of failure.”

Sustainability as a Service

When Trihydro deployed their project in 2011, they chose to partner with Lunavi not only for technical capabilities, but also for like-minded sustainability practices. Trihydro’s virtualized infrastructure prevents approximately 73,000 pounds of carbon from being emitted annually—the same as planting 110 trees or taking 6 cars off the highway—and locating infrastructure in a facility powere 100% by renewable wind energy and built to operate at industry-leading power efficiencies offers the additional benefit of keeping their private cloud and their colocation green.

“It is important for us to do business with companies who support our sustainability charter,” said Jeff Hostetler, CIO and Vice President. “Lunavi supports us in our mission to operate in a socially responsible and sustainable way by providing high quality environmental services and employing common-sense sustainable business practices.”

Finally, 24x7x365 day data center staffing and 100% uptime service level agreements provide Trihydro with the support level they need. “It has been rare that we’ve needed to call in for assistance,” said Mullins, “But every time we have, the response has been handled promptly and smoothly.”

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