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Warehouse Twenty One

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Warehouse Twenty One is a Cheyenne, Wyoming-based marketing, advertising, and event firm that works across a variety of different industries and companies, helping them create their brands, execute brand strategy, and design marketing campaigns and event experiences.

As the company grew beyond its foundational client base in the local Front Range of Wyoming and Colorado, they sought to move from in-house IT systems to a managed service partnership, looking for an MSP who could scale as the company matured and take on management of data storage, bandwidth, and associated infrastructure crucial to the health of a burgeoning media business. They chose Lunavi as the right partner to reach beyond these goals and continue looking forward along the Warehouse Twenty One growth trajectory.


“When we were first starting out, we were managing all of our IT infrastructure in-house. We didn't have any redundancy or backup,” said Dave Teubner, CEO. “Our data is often content that the client actually owns. Loss of that content – loss of logos, loss of video, those kind of things – is really a loss of an asset that the client owns. So there's real liability associated with that and also a tremendous amount of rework if we were to have a catastrophic event.”

On top of the risk inherent in a lack of backups and disaster recovery, Warehouse Twenty One soon found itself with a burgeoning client list and IT infrastructure that wasn’t quite up to the task of handling the quantity and size of files needed for constant media creation and editing.

That meant after Lunavi came on as an IT infrastructure partner, upgrading the overall network and server infrastructure at Warehouse Twenty One became a top priority. IT modernization, in the form of fiber upgrades and migrating critical and support applications to the cloud, delivered greater reliability, employee productivity, and protection of client data from single points of failure.

“There was a time when our internet went down two to three times a week. Our phones wouldn't work on a regular basis. We had upwards of 50 tickets a month with our previous services,” said Pamela Downing, COO. “Now we're down to maybe two tickets a month. We're less reactionary and have way fewer fires to put out now that we are a managed services client of Lunavi.”



Warehouse Twenty One has grown significantly over the past five years both in client size and services offered. With heavy industry clients that have over $130 million per year in revenue and well-known manufacturers like Lenovo alongside large local companies like the Wyoming Lottery and Blue Federal Credit Union, Warehouse Twenty One works on branding and media projects of all sizes for a wide variety of industries.

“It's a content-intensive business that we're in. And especially as the sophistication has increased, content becomes that much more important,” said Teubner “Video files, file storage, and managing the waste product that comes out of that, there’s just a lot of content.”

They have also grown from websites, video, graphic design, and branding to a full-service experiential media approach, providing integrated experiences for museums and government organizations that range from signage to touch technology, including the embedded content.

Throughout this growth and change,  Lunavi remained a partner — one that does not passively respond to technology challenges but seeks out ways to improve IT service delivery to boost the overall Warehouse Twenty One business.

“Lunavi really did help us grow up. We knew we were growing. We knew we had to scale. We knew we were going to be adding staff and a lot more content and speed. And we just knew we needed to do that alongside somebody that could help us grow,” said Teubner. “We needed a more integrated partner for IT consulting and execution. Lunavi allows us to be more efficient and focus on our core business.”

At times, Warehouse Twenty One may not even request a change or point out a problem. Rather, their Lunavi account manager and Solutions Architecture team would sit down to discuss any issues encountered by the Warehouse Twenty One team in their daily workflow.

“It was always Lunavi leading us to that solution,” said Downing.

The ultimate goal? Enabling Warehouse Twenty One to focus on creativity and their clients, rather than learning cloud systems and troubleshooting networking issues. Managed IT services from Lunavi have changed the conversation from one focused on the tools needed to serve clients to the creative solutions Warehouse Twenty One invents for them.

“The biggest compliment I can give is that we're not even talking about the technology or IT anymore,” said Teubner.

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